BCI Analyst

BCI Analyst is software that interprets data to lower costs by showing how, when, and where resources are being used.

Energy Manager

The Energy Manager shows operators, in real-time, how they are being charged for energy. This creates the opportunity to make changes that can significantly lower the cost of energy. The Energy Manager also analyzes pumping data and creates pump efficiency charts, identifying the most efficient pump combinations and best speeds to run.

Cost Analytics

BCI Analyst provides a real-time look at energy consumption while keeping track of demand. It provides a preview of what your energy bill will look like at the end of the month based on your current consumption and demand.

High Service Pump Efficiency

BCI Analyst analyzes any number and combination of High Service Pumps to find the most efficient. Running your most efficient pumps during the times when energy costs are highest will help save you money.

Our BCI Analyst Presentation

At A Glance

This is the Main page of one of our Analyst projects.

You can see your daily cost analysis at a glance.

The Main page can be configured to show specifically what the client wants.

Cost Analysis

BCI Analyst can be used to monitor your daily, monthly, even yearly costs.

The software is capable of displaying several different styles of graphs, charts, and more.

Historical Data

Clients can easily look at all of their information on one page.

Here you can see a chemical treatment facility's High Service Pump data.

When connected to a facility's Citect Server, the Analyst will show live data being plotted on the graphs, gauges, and charts.

Energy Bill Analysis

Analyst can be set up to account for the costs of energy, fuel, tax, and more.

The software can be configured alongside your business' Rate Plan.


BCI Analyst can utilize Diagrams inside panels to display pertinent information.

Diagrams can display information in different ways, including but not limited to:

  • One-Line diagrams
  • High Service Pump Metering
  • Storage Tank Metering

Chemicals Monitoring

Panels can be set to display current information every minute, 1 hour, 1 day, etc.

Factors such as chemical costs, pump flows, and storage tank volumes can easily be viewed on one page.

Chemical Usage Analytics

All chemicals receive their own dashboard, which displays historical data, tank levels, and flow information.

When live information is being displayed, the pumps in the diagram will change color, indicating when the pump has a flow pressure above or below a set value.

Energy Monitoring

BCI Analyst can display energy information for each day.

The goal is to manage your energy total at or below the Goal Demand, while keeping production at a maximum.

The Goal Demand can be set to vary based on peak energy times.