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MDS SDx Series

The MDS SD Series are transceivers for long range IP/Ethernet & Serial

MDS MCR/ECR Orbit Series

The MDS Orbit Series integrates technologies, supporting customers' needs for secured private, public, and hybrid communications networks.


MDS TransNET provides high-speed long range data transportation for almost all SCADA and Telemetry Systems.

MDS entraNET

MDS entraNET provides long-range industrial wireless IP/Ethernet, with heightened cyber-security. The MDS entraNET is capable of connecting to remote monitoring devices such as gas wells, storage tanks, and utility meters.

MDS iNET Series

MDS iNET provides unlicensed communications to users from long-distances to interface with Ethernet and serial controllers. iNET merges high speed and frequency hopping for a variety of applications.

MDS Intrepid & Intrepid Ultra

MDS Intrepid is designed to combat a backhaul bottleneck, providing high capacity (25 to 200 Mbps), less interference, QoS, and simple deployment.