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Lx-PRO 2000,  a SCADA as a Service (SaaS) Solution.

Bridging the Gap between Auto-Dialers and Traditional SCADA using Cellular IIoT.

Lx-PRO 2000 Monitoring System

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The Lx-PRO cloud network consist of the LxPRO Database, LxPRO Notification Service, and LxPRO Webserver.  

Stations are configured, tested, and added to the customer portal prior to delivery, so startup is a breeze!

Amazon Web Services with Secure Redundant Private Verizon Non-Internet Routed tunnels means remotes are secure and accessible 24-7.

Text & Email Alerts for Alarms for all Web Accessible Devices.


Normally, the remotes report all station data every hour when no alarms are present.  

24-7 Portal Access using Web or Mobile access with Unlimited Users.


When an Alarm occurs the remote immediately sends all station status information to the LxPRO Cloud servers using Report-by-Exception. 

Alert link takes you directly to alarmed station page.


Once the alarm condition is received by the Lx-PRO Cloud servers the Notification service sends a Text message and/or emails with the Station Name, Timestamp, Alarm description, and link to Lx-PRO web portal.  

When the user clicks the link and logs in they are taken directly to the Station status page. 

The Lx-PRO Solution


Scada-as-a-service (SaaS) includes:

  • Secure Amazon Web Service platform

  • Secure web portal with Unlimited Users

    •  Cellphone, Tablet, or Computer

  • Mapped location of sites

  • Pump statistics

    • Runtimes and Starts

  • Standard Reports

    • Can be directly exported to Excel

  • Report-by-exception alarming

  • Text & Email Alerts for Alarms

  • Cellular Communications

  • Technical Support


Typical Applications

  • Liftstations

  • Stormwater

  • Reclaim Water

  • Odor Control

  • Water Tanks

  • Generators

  • Remote Pressure / Level


Enclosure includes:

  • Weatherproof, non metallic enclosure

  • Cellular RTU

  • Power Supply

  • UPS battery backup

Preconfigured and fully tested prior to delivery.


RTU Capabilities:

  • Digital:  8 DI, 6 DO

  • Analog:  4 AI, 4 DI

  • Cellular signal Strength

  • Last Updated Time

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