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Dive Into the New Age of Accelerated Analytics

Our Services

Cloud Modernization

BCI offers secure Cloud Virtual Private Servers (VPS)  or Amazon Web Services (AWS) simplifying your access requirements.  Using read-only communications over Private or VPN cellular or Internet Connectivity Security is not a concern for this method. 

Secure On-Premise 

BCI Offers on premise solutions that keep data local and secure with no internet or cloud connectivity.  We can connect to local historians or servers to collect energy data ensuring data integrity. 

Annual Updates

Annual Support agreements ensure quarterly data Reviews, Reports, Analysis, and Recommendations.  Software support and updates including application and feature set improvements.   Optional Engineering hours are available for custom request and more frequent recommendations and improvements. 

Open Sources

BCI Analyst can interface with OPC, Proprietary, OEM, or Open-Source Communications Available.   Our engineers are experts in PLCs, RTUs, SCADA, and Industrial Control systems.   

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