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A SCADA as a Service (SaaS) Solution.

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Bridging the Gap between Auto-Dialers and Traditional SCADA using Cellular IIoT.

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The LxPRO Solution


Scada-as-a-service (SaaS) includes:

  • Secure Amazon Web Service platform

  • Secure web portal with Unlimited Users

    •  Cellphone, Tablet, or Computer

  • Mapped location of sites

  • Pump statistics

    • Runtimes and Starts

  • Standard Reports

    • Can be directly exported to Excel

  • Report-by-exception alarming

  • Text & Email Alerts for Alarms

  • Cellular Communications

  • Technical Support


Typical Applications

  • Liftstations

  • Stormwater

  • Reclaim Water

  • Odor Control

  • Water Tanks

  • Generators

  • Remote Pressure / Level


Enclosure includes:

  • Weatherproof, non metallic enclosure

  • Cellular RTU

  • Power Supply

  • UPS battery backup

Preconfigured and fully tested prior to delivery.


RTU Capabilities:

  • Digital:  8 DI, 6 DO

  • Analog:  4 AI, 4 DI

  • Cellular signal Strength

  • Last Updated Time


The LxPRO cloud network consist of the LxPRO Database, LxPRO Notification Service, and LxPRO Webserver.  

Stations are configured, tested, and added to the customer portal prior to delivery, so startup is a breeze!

Amazon Web Services with Secure Redundant Private Verizon Non-Internet Routed tunnels means remotes are secure and accessible 24-7.

Text & Email Alerts for Alarms for all Web Accessible Devices.


Normally, the remotes report all station data every hour when no alarms are present.  

24-7 Portal Access using Web or Mobile access with Unlimited Users.


When an Alarm occurs the remote immediately sends all station status information to the LxPRO Cloud servers using Report-by-Exception. 

Alert link takes you directly to alarmed station page.


Once the alarm condition is received by the LxPRO Cloud servers the Notification service sends a Text message and/or emails with the Station Name, Timestamp, Alarm description, and link to LxPRO web portal.  

When the user clicks the link and logs in they are taken directly to the Station status page. 

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