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Energy Pumping Metrics

 O N E   S O L U T I O N

T H R E E   M O D U L E S, 

Know Your Energy

Know Your Pumping System

Know Your Metrics

On Demand Energy Monitoring
Targeting Best Efficiency Point (BEP) and System Curve
Proven Reduction Mectrics and Key Point Indicators (KPI) for Reports


What you do with Data matters more

then how much you have.   

Modern technology allows us to collect a wealth of information but when it goes unused we miss out. 


Transform your existing data into meaningful information that helps you make informed decisions and turn your operations away from reactive to proactive. 

Interventions without compromising performance.


Having Reports, live status, and dashboards with a support  team is how you reduce life cycle costs of your facility.

Get help identifying metrics and goals based on your real-time process data. 


Making smart decisions for your facility takes information and expertise.  When Data, Results, Informed decisions come together we get sustainable performance improvements.

Locate inefficiencies and plan for effective.​

BCI Technologies is proud of its decades of service to our power and water customers.

Over time, we started to notice parallels between the different needs of those two
groups. While Energy Management Software is widely used in other industries, its
potential to be applied to water treatment and wastewater treatment has been
completely overlooked.

BCI Analyst applies our knowledge of sustainability and efficiency from the world of energy to the unique challenges of demand-driven water and wastewater customers.

What is Driving Your Energy
BCI Analayst Energy Cost Drivers



Many people think of energy as a commodity that is out of their control, but it’s actually a precious resource that needs to be managed.  Industrial energy plans are complex, including seasonal on-peak times and demand charges that can be ratcheted.

Energy Planning is complex and includes seasonal on-peak times and demand charges that can be ratched.  Real-time visualzations of energy cost allows operators to make adjustments proactively.

With real-time visualizations of energy costs, operators are able to make adjustments proactively to lower energy bills. 

Visualzations of the energy stream allows management to playback the events that occured over a span of time to identify what happened to cause a new demand hike.

Comparing costs from one day to the next allows operators to see the impact that setting new demand creates. 

Electricity consumption is the biggest contributor to Water and Wastewater operational costs.
Bar Chart



Most pumps operate at only 40% efficiency, while one in every ten operates below 10% efficiency.  These low efficiency levels translate to a host of problems: reduced life of parts on one hand, and dramatically increased pump downtime and failures on the other.  Handling deteriorating pump health after the fact doesn’t have to be the status quo anymore.​

Running pumps at low efficiency causes reduced life of parts and increases pump downtime. Most Pumps operate at only 40% efficiency.
Meet demand with advanced analytics. Visualize, track, and improve the health of your pumping system at every facility.

Meeting demand is the first priority of every pumping system, but it doesn’t have to be the only priority.  With advanced analytics and monitoring software, BCI Analyst makes it possible for you to visualize, track, and improve the health of every pump in every facility.

​BCI Analyst makes use of live monitoring, tracking over time, and data analysis to make the health of your pumps transparent. By analyzing process data like speed, flow, pressure and energy BCI Analyst is able to create accurate pump performance curves for each pump in a pumping system.  .

Live monitoring of a transparent pumping system.  Use accurate pump performance curves on each pump.
What your energy levels and compare to past perfromance.

Unlike manufacturer specifications, which lose accuracy once pumps are used in the real world, our curves are generated from live data to show you exactly how each and every pump is functioning, and how its operation levels compare to its ideal design conditions.

With these insights, your facility can meet demand while also maintaining healthier equipment that will last longer and work better, decreasing failures, and reducing energy costs in the process.

Use these insights to reduce cost and maintain healthier equipment.
Image by Ricardo Gomez Angel



Tracking and analyzing performance data is a must to understand the successes and failures of your facility over time. The BCI Analyst Metrics module integrates all of the information available through the Energy and Pumping modules to provide a complete solution to understanding the past and creating a comprehensive strategy to predict and prevent future problems.



The first step with Metrics is to establish a Baseline of system and process specific operations before any changes are implemented. This gives you a starting point to compare how changes implemented are impacting the facility. Once the facility has established a Baseline, it can be used to compare past, present, and future operations to understand the impact of any changes made. 

Benchmarking compares data between similar equipment and processes, setting a standard that can be used to evaluate the quality and efficiency of the individual parts and processes.



BCI Analyst Metrics brings together all of your facility data into one, comprehensive overview.



Advanced Key Point Indicators are powerful tools for making operational improvements. An example used in Lift Station systems is to track average pump starts in a 24-hour period and compare it to the average starts over a30-day period to identify pumps that are ragged up and fail at a higher frequency.

These types of indicators are ideal in large systems that tend to have too much data to sort through manually. Getting the right information in the right format is important. BCI Analyst Metrics highlights the data you need to see, so you can spend your time where it counts.

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