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Each of our clients has a unique application.

It is our goal to understand their needs and deliver the best solution possible.

We believe that expert product knowledge and top-notch technology is crucial to meeting the needs of our clients.


Established in 1990, BCI Technologies excels in complex systems, that require "Industrial Strength" products. Our clients expect systems that are on-line, all the time, with rock-solid integrity. We set our goals to exceed their expectations and deliver outstanding support. We believe support begins with training and educating our clients to empower them with knowledge and tools they need to realize their goals.


  • Ethical. Be respectful, honest, and fair. Have integrity.

  • Visionary. Take a forward-thinking, goal-oriented approach.

  • Entrepreneurial. Exercise creativity and inventiveness over convention.

  • Reliable. Deliver on commitments.

  • Proud. Be confident in our products, our brands, and our people.

  • Loyal. Be dedicated to company initiatives. Work together.

  • Passionate. Everything you do (and don't do) does make a difference.

  • Fun. Always raise the bar, strive to surpass our previous best. Celebrate success.

Elevate Your Engineering Career in Industrial Automation

Ready to shift gears in your career? At BCI Technologies, we're revolutionizing the industrial automation and controls engineering landscape. Come be a part of our dynamic team, where we deliver exceptional value to our clients and empower our employees to grow.

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