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Abstract Background

Our Mission

BCI Technologies is an industrial communication and automation solutions provider.
Each of our clients has a unique application. It is our goal to understand their needs, and deliver the best solution possible.

We believe that expert product knowledge and top-notch technology is crucial to meeting the needs of our clients.

Our Story

Established in 1990, BCI Technologies excels in complex systems, that require Industrial Strength products.


Our clients expect systems that are on-line, all the time, with rock-solid integrity. We set our goals to exceed their expectations, and deliver outstanding support.


We believe support begins with training and educating our clients to empower them with the knowledge and tools they need to realize their goals.

BCI Tech has always had two sides to our business: water and power.  For the most part, the two have always operated independently.


Ten years ago we saw an opportunity to bring the two sides together. We created an energy management software for Water and Wastewater. Its focus was on lowering electric bills by reducing demand charges and on-peak usage. After helping customers reduce demand by up to 30% and overall bills by up to 25%, we wanted to find other ways to lower electrical cost and decided to tackle the challenge of pump efficiency.


We started by using our software’s data analytics capability to look at the correlation between efficiency and pump speed. At first, it seemed like certain pump speeds used less energy, but what we eventually discovered was that there is no correlation between efficiency and pump speed—any correlation was purely coincidence.

But there is a correlation between efficiency and operating at the pumps Best Efficient Point.  By operating at the Best Efficient Point not only is energy consumption reduced, but the stress within the pump is decreased which leads to lower pump failures and maintenance costs.

With changing speeds, pressures, and flows, tracking the Best Efficient Point is no easy feat, but that is exactly what we figured out how to do.

With the BCI Analyst solution, we can bring our decades of experience in data analysis, energy management, and operations optimization to the Water and Wastewater market.

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The Creation of
BCI Analyst

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